Thursday, June 7, 2012

Happy Birthday Troy

I realize none of these photos appear to be related to Troy's birthday... but I completely forgot to pull out my camera that day.  I really wanted to wish him a happy birthday and I also really wanted to share these cute photos.... so for lack of creativity (and energy), I thought screw it, I'll wish Troy a happy birthday AND share these pictures. And then, I will go to bed.  I'm such a rebel.

Ahem.... so Happy 32nd Birthday honey (um, two days ago)... my hard-working, loyal sweetheart.  My rock.  The kids and I love you so much and deeply appreciate everything you do for our family.  xoxoxo

And now for the unrelated, but cute, photos...

This is where we like to keep our kids all day... kidding of course!

I came around the corner one day and found Griffin and Sunny watching a cartoon like this.  I ran around like a crazy person trying to find my camera before the moment was over!  I found it just in time...

So sweet... uh, just ignore the toy shotgun...

And good night :)

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