Tuesday, January 13, 2015


This kid of mine has the profound ability to overwhelm me with admiration and pride at times (when he's not too busy making weird/rude noises, cracking jokes, and being hyper). 
Yesterday at his swimming lesson he got his "half-way" report card. It tells us what swimming techniques he still needs to master in order to pass the current level. Griff still has 5 (of the 13) to complete. While I was reading it to him, two kids from his class kinda crept over and checked out his paper. The one little girl proudly announced that she only has one thing left to do on her sheet. And my reaction was to say "ok guys I don't think griff wants everyone looking at his paper".... And then my confident kid pipes up, "but mom! Look at all the big ones I've already finished!" Not a word or a care about what the other kids might think or what they've done in comparison. Just pride for what he's accomplished so far. Pure, honest, optimism. I was so proud (and humbled). Man oh man I sure hope he never loses this confidence. This awesome positivity! I could learn a thing or two from this goofball. 

UPDATE JAN 15th: that positive attitude paid off. Griffin passed!!!

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