Tuesday, January 17, 2012

In Loving Memory of Papa Cam

Today Troy attended his grandpa's funeral in Springbank (I regrettably had to stay home with the kids who are all trying to kick the roto-virus).  A few days before Christmas we made a wise decision to go and visit him at his home in Cochrane with all the kiddos.  It was a very busy trip (we went up and back in one day!), but in hindsight, we are so very glad we did it.  Right before we left, I quickly snapped a picture of Cam with all of the kids...

At the dinner table with my family Griffin announced: "I have some very sad news.... Papa Cam died. Now he's in doggie heaven with Elroy."  I'm not sure why he went to doggie heaven, but I'm sure old Elroy would love to have him ;)

We will miss you very much Cam!

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