Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Bathroom Before and After!

I'm a little choked - here I thought I had a picture of our bathroom pre-reno... and I don't! Grrrr! I've got a couple shots post-demo... and a shot of our other half bath which pretty much looks exactly like this bathroom did but on a smaller scale.  I LOVE how everything turned out. And I LOVE how handy my previously un-handy husband has become!

Half bath... man I want this one to magically transform!

Demo... before the tub and drywall were ripped out... check out the dark, poopy paint.

 New tub, drywall, backer board, plumbing

And voila! New bathroom!

I love how all the tile turned out... but man it was tedious! Nothing happened in 30 minutes like it does on HGTV that's for sure.  Our renovation motto was, "if there's a how-to video on You Tube, we can do it ourselves!".  I'm happy with the end result... maybe wasn't so happy during the transformation process.

And if looking at a bathroom isn't your thing... here's a quick pic of Sunny riding her bike... with her fancy shmancy riding goggles.

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