Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Ski Bunnies

We've been away a lot lately... camping in our new trailer!! Well, it's kinda old, but it's perfect for us with quad bunks in the back. It's been awesome and the kids love it.  We've spent some time out at the lake and the kids have taken up water skiing!

We didn't give him enough rope at first and the wake wiped him out... so I was pretty proud of Griff for giving it another shot!

Gibby the quiet dare devil...

We had to stop the boat when she decided she didn't need to hold on anymore... 

 Little Fletch and his crooked little smile

Sunny refused to give it a try this day... but has since done it and says "Nunny loves this, mommy!". I just didn't have my camera to get a shot of her.  

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