Monday, February 21, 2011


Well we had a rough weekend and I wanted to do a quick post so that everyone would know that everything is ok and will hopefully put us in your thoughts and prayers!
We took Fletcher into the ER on Sunday afternoon because of his "nasty cold" and the lack of colour in his skin. It was a good thing cause he was confirmed to have RSV (respiratory virus prominent in preemies). He was so tired from breathing with congested lungs that he was low on oxygen and was having some apnea. They took him up to peds and quickly decided he needed more help (and a rest) so intubated him and phoned the childrens hospital in Calgary to see if they had a bed for him. It was the worst experience of my life so far and so scary! To make things worse, he managed to spit the tube out so they had to attempt to reinsert it a few more times... Poor little guy will have a very sore throat after this! Eventually the Calgary team showed up and airlifted him to Calgary. Troy and I had to drive up after. We arrived at around 3:30am and right now are waiting to get a "parent room" outside the ICU so that we can have a nap. Thank goodness they made room for us here cause otherwise we were heading to Saskatoon, Edmonton, or even Montana. The staff here have been wonderful and we feel like he is being very well taken care of. He's been stable throughout and will likely remain intubated for a few days until the worst of the virus is behind him. My mom and dad stayed home with gibsyn, sunny, and griff last night and were pretty lucky to only have to get up once in the night with the girls! I cannot even explain how grateful I am to have their help! And Natalie is taking some days off work to help out too... And Kylie and tara say they'll be helping too... It's overwhelming to me sometimes to think about how lucky we are to have so much love and support in our lives! If anyone else has time to spare this week, it would be wonderful if you could give our house a call and see if my mom needs a hand... Or if griffin needs an outing! We'll do our best to update the blog as we know more about fletcher's condition.

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