Saturday, February 18, 2012

My Baby Turns FOUR

It was Griffin's 4th birthday this week. 
Oh boy.... I keep writing and erasing what I've written because I just can't seem to put into words my love for this kid.  If you know him well, you are well aware of that special little something that he has... he's always had this deep understanding for the people around him.  He knows how to make your heart melt and has this knack for getting people to do things without directly asking them to do it.  That might not make sense... hmmm...

he is "important and special, believe me its true - no one in the world is exactly like you." thank you, cat in the hat.  

He is definitely growing up - every once in a while I can tell I'm annoying him... that seems to be a very good indicator of a child no longer being a baby/toddler!  I can hardly swallow the lump in my throat when I imagine him not wanting bedtime cuddles or good morning hugs anymore... or not lighting up when he sees me all the time.  Its hard for me not to feel a bit shafted when I think of all the times I haven't been able to thoroughly enjoy his company because of how busy I am with his brother and sisters. 

Ok, ok, pull it together!  Yes, it is hard to watch them grow up.... but I am also filled with pride at what an amazing young man we seem to have raised so far.  And I will take this opportunity to remind myself how important it is to enjoy these little moments with him even when everything around me is crazy.   I love you my little four year old! 

and now some pictures....

Here he is with his treasure chest cake:

Griff and Beau at his bowling party!

daddy trying to show the kids how it's done


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